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“Black” dressleri x RG dressleri F2 dark clone

“Black” dressleri x RG dressleri F2 dark clone

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“Black” dressleri is the seed parent here and is an F2 RG dressleri clone I named for its black emergent leaves and very dark hardened leaf color.  The pollen parent is the plant I refer to as RG f2 dark clone and is the original RG dressleri I purchased directly from Jay a few years ago. This has the famously dark hardened leaves but differs from “Black” dress in that it has the more classic deep purple/blood red emergents typical of RG dressleri.  Some pictures of hardened and emergent leaves are seen in the listing photos (1-3 is black dressleri and 4-6 is the f2 dark clone).  Seedlings are very healthy looking 5-6 leaf seedlings seen in the tray in the last photo.  Growers choice selected for vigor and roots.

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