List of common abbreviations

List of abbreviations relevant to anthuriums

I will update this as I think of more.  Feel free to make suggestions

AOS- Ace of spades

BVEP- Black velvet eastern panama, a temporary name for a previously undescribed species now named Anthurium antolakii after Rory Antolak who discovered the species and introduced it to cultivation

DF- Dewey Fisk, most commonly used in the context of Sp Nov DF.  He was a collector and the source of this famed plant as well as the NSE port.  DF is also sometimes used to denote “Dark Form” ie “Ace of Spades DF”.  DF is also sometimes used to abbreviate the “Delta Force” hybrid.

DP- Dark phoenix, unknown indonesian hybrid clone

FS- Fort Sherman, a pap clone from Jay Vannini named for the Army base in Panama it was found near

FTG- Fairchild Tropical Gardens, most commonly referring to the unknown hybrid from there by the name FTG crystallinum

HU- Unknown Indonesian hybrid named for its creator Haji Ulih, also called King of Spades

KOC- King of clarinverium, unknown clarinervium hybrid or mutation from Indonesia

KOS- king of spades, unknown Indonesian hybrid often call HU after its creator Haji Ulih

RG- Rio Guanche (one of the ecotype of dressleri), also Ree Gardens a botanical gardens that sells plants most famously Ree gardens Pap clone

RL- Ralph Lynam, another named pap clone from Jay Vannini.  Lynam was a collector.  Philodendron Lynamii is also named for him.

RVDP- red vein dark phoenix, unknown hybrid out of Thailand named for its resemblance of the original dark phoenix but with red veins.

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